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With every event DJ Ja Boy includes his MC abilities. Any announcements that need to be made DJ Ja Boy is more than willing to hop on the microphone and make them. He can make announcements to help your party remain on schedule in accordance with a timeline or to simply keep the party alive with fun song shout-outs & dedications.

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Forest Wedding


In most cases ceremonies will be held at the same venue but in a different location than the reception. Whether it be in a different room or around the corner, stress no more DJ Ja Boy has you covered. His ceremony sound-kit is a separate sound-system designed for this specific situation.

The Ceremony Sound-kit includes a wireless top-of-the-line array, a wireless microphone, and microphone stand for your officiant. Photographers & guest both compliment its sleek modern design for experiencing such clear sound and not stealing away any of the spotlight from the bride & groom in their pictures. The other major pro to this ceremony kit is that it sets-up and breaks-down in less than 10 minutes making for a seamless transition between your ceremony and reception. This means no long awkward silence like you would with most DJs!

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Enhance your event’s dance floor experience with dance lighting! DJ Ja Boy’s dance lighting changes colors & flash to the beat of the music. UV, color washes, strobes, derbies, and a laser in an all-in-one package providing just the right amount of effects to meet your guests’ expectations.

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Transform your event with uplights and wow your guests with the ambience they create. DJ Ja Boy’s uplights offer a variety of different color options to choose from and can be set to match the colors of your event’s existing theme.

*Uplighting is a different lighting technique entirely and not commonly offered by beginner DJ’s.

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Couple Dance


Choreographing a surprise dance or skit for your big day? Need a custom mix with specific songs you have chosen? DJ Ja Boy offers his craftsmanship in audio production to develop high-quality mixes for his clients. His creative song transitions keep the crowd guessing but his knowledge in beat-counts allow choreographers to develop their dances with ease. Get yourself a custom surprise mix from DJ Ja Boy and start rehearsing now!

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This service is the perfect solution to any client that wishes to grab pictures with all their guests in attendance of their event. Most clients fail to grab pictures with each of their guests because there is so much on their mind and little time to complete everything! But don’t worry DJ Ja Boy can help coordinate your guests & direct these simple unforgettable shots all in under 20 mins with professional lighting! Do not miss out on grabbing a great picture with everyone who showed up on your big day and proof of who came and didn’t. Clients and families have expressed they were grateful for this service in addition to also having a photobooth.

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Need a little extra bass? For events holding 70 people or more DJ Ja Boy offers an additional speaker that beefs up and increases the overall sound. This additional sound unit is for customers that enjoy a little more kick or want the sound to travel further and louder.

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Make event organizing a breeze with DJ Ja Boy’s itinerary template and pick his brain with questions and suggestions. If this is your first time organizing an event, allow DJ Ja Boy to coach you with his expertise in event coordinating. If this is not your first rodeo, cross-exchange ideas and allow DJ Ja Boy to reassure any doubts you may have.

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